Beher, Jamón de bellota Oro

€490,00 (€70,00/kg)

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 Black iberian pure-bred pigs (pata negra), cured for 36-48 months
 Diet of acorns and other wild plants, free-range in the Dehesa
 Weight: 7,5 - 8,0 kg 

Gold Medal winner for 3 consecutive IFFA events in Frankfurt, the Beher Gold Label comes from Salamanca province. Specifically, it's also "denominación de origen de Guijuelo", meaning it's passed the strictest standards of quality in one of the most prestigious ham regions of Spain.

Beher has won a total of 22 gold medals at Frankfurt's IFFA awards (including best company), an extraordinary achievement. 

It's one of the hams we have added this year. We've spent time visiting farms and tasting hams and this one not only stands out as a winner, we noticed during many conversations that it's also one of the reference points for many farmers in the region. That's an endorsement that speaks volumes.