Encinares, Jamón ibérico cebo de campo

The most authentic Iberian experience for a very convenient price.

€290,00 (€36,25/kg)

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 Black iberian (pata negra), free-range, cured for 24 months
 Diet of natural grasses and cereals
 Weight: 8 - 8,3kg  

One step behind bellota category we find “cebo de campo”. These hams are free-range, living their lives in the fields, and follow a diet of natural grasses and cereals. It is important to note the vast difference between these and normal “cebo” hams, which are made from pigs that never leave their barn – principally, “cebo de campo” contain less fat and have more flavour, although the flavour is far milder than the taste of the bellota hams. As the dark, heavy bellota savour is not for everyone, “cebo de campo” has gained decent popularity around Europe.

Unlike many small ham producers that outsource various stages of production, Productos del Encinar, the company that produces these hams, does everything in-house with the latest modern technology. This helps keep costs down, one of the reasons we are able to offer this Iberian ham at such a great price. We are frankly pleasantly surprised by this ham and think it's a great value.

Productos del Encinar is registered with the Dehesa de Extremadura Protected Designation of Origin programme, which requires adherence to strict animal husbandry and production codes.